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General terms and conditions

General terms &  conditions of

For all orders placed on the following General Terms and Conditions apply:

1. General

1.1 These general terms and conditions are apply to all offers of RoMaTrade B.V., officiating under the trademark Kralenonline on the website
The conditions are available for everybody and placed under General terms and conditions on the website . On request we will send a paper copy.
1.2 When accepting an offer or placing an order the customer accepts the applicability of these general terms and conditions and the payment conditions. RoMaTrade B.V. is entitled to update or append to these General Terms over time.
1.3 RoMaTrade B.V. guarantees that all delivered products responds on the agreement and suffice on all in the agreement mentioned specifications.

2 Delivery

2.1 Delivery takes place as long there is stock.
2.2 All stock items will be send within 24 hours when RoMaTrade B.V. have become the payment of the total amount of the placed order. Orders paid by PayPal placed and paid before 15:00 (local time) will be send out the same day.
2.3 Nearly almost all articles are on stock, so there are no long delivery times. The maximum delivery time is 10 days after your order. When RoMaTrade needs more time to send out the order, the customer have the possibility to cancel the order. RoMaTrade will directly credit the payment to the customer when the customer cancel the order after the 10 days. 
2.4 All delivery times on the website are indicative. The customers can’t made rights on the indicative delivery times.
2.5 Articles which are not on stock will be send out at RoMaTrade between 7 and 14 days after the customers order placing date. 

3. Prices

3.1 Prices will not be changed during the offered  proposal.
3.2 Special offers are only valid during the period quoted on the internet site with respect to that specific offer.
3.3 All prices on the internet site are under restriction of misprints. We don’t accept any responsibility for the consequences of the misprints.
3.4 All prices on the internet site are including 19% VAT.

4 Payment

4.1 Delivery find place only after payment in advance or by PayPal. 
4.2 On the confirmation e-mail the customer will find our IBAN and SWIFT code for payment in advance. We only accept shared banking costs.
4.3 As customer you always can cancel your order by e-mail or telephone, therefore we won’t make any costs to the customer.

5 Commodity jurisdiction

5.1 Delivered goods stays to the property of RoMaTrade BV till the customer have paid the total amount of the invoice for the order. The risk for the goods are going over to the customer when RoMaTade BV have delivered the order to the shipping agent.

6. Cooling off period

6.1 After expire of the cooling off period of 14 days the purchase-agreement is a fact.
6.2 as far as differently declared, you do not have the right after reception of the order during a period of 14 working days without task of reasons dissolving the purchase contract in writing and to the order the same period to return. Possibly done payments within 14 days will be returned.
6.3 no revendication on repayment exists there such as the product:
   - is used;
   - is damaged;
   - has a damaged packing;
   - is not returned in the original packing
   - packs not well and sound return is sent and/or the original purchase note is lacking;
   - especially for you has been ordered. Here the made costs are then charged concerning the returnsending to the importer/supplier and/or annulment costs;

Should apply at returnsending one or more of aforesaid points, or stipulate the law differently, then costs will be charged for returning/cancel of your order. The altitude of these costs will be assessed by RoMaTrade BV and will be determined.

7. Data management

 7.1 if you place an order at RoMaTrade BV, then your data are incorporated in the customer file of RoMaTrade BV. RoMaTrade BV stick to the law person recordings and your data will not supply to third parties.
7.2 RoMaTrade BV respect the privacy of the users of the internet site and ensure for a confidential treatment of your personal details.
7.3 RoMaTrade BV uses a mailing list. Each mailing contains instructions to remove yourself of this list.

8. Guarantee

 8.1 RoMaTrade BV guarantees that by satisfy its provided products to the requirements of usability, reliability and life span such as these by parties at the purchase contract in reasonableness have been meant, and answer with that for the factory guarantee of the product provided to you.
8.2 The guarantee periods of RoMaTrade Ltd agree to the factory guarantee period. This guarantee does not apply in case blame the lack is to 1. left behind care, or 2. intentional damage, or 3. carelessness.
8.3 revendication on guarantee expires if the other by the RoMaTrade service then designated/repairing services has committed convalescences or other activities to the product.

8. Tenders

 9.1 tenders are without engagement, unless it has been mentioned differently in the tender.
9.2 at acceptance of a without engagement offer purchaser, RoMaTrade preserve revoke themselves the right to the offer within the period of 3 working days after reception of that acceptance or of it yield.
9.3 oral promises link RoMaTrade only after these have been explicitly confirmed and in writing.

10. Agreement

 10.1 an agreement between RoMaTrade BV and a customer come about after an order or task has been assessed by RoMaTrade BV on feasibility.
10.2 RoMaTrade BV preserve themselves the right for without task of reasons orders or not accepting tasks or exclusively accept under the condition after payment in advance.

11. Images and specifications

 11.1 all images, photograph and drawings etc. and; among other things. data concerning weights, colour dimensions etc. on the internet site of RoMaTrade BV apply only approximately, is indicative and can no reason be to damages or dissolution of the agreement.
11.2 all images, photographs and drawings on the Internet sites of RoMaTrade B.V. are under copyright. It has been thus not prohibited for without authorisation of RoMaTrade BV. only image, photograph or drawing to use, multiply or spread.

12. Supremacy

 12.1 RoMaTrade BV. is not responsible, if and as far as its obligations cannot be complied with as a result of supremacy.
12.2 under supremacy it is understood each strange cause, as well as each circumstance, which in reasonableness for its risk does not belong come. Delay at or failure by our subcontractors, transportation problems, strikes, government measures, delays in the supply, failures of suppliers and/or manufacturers of RoMaTrade BV, as well as of aid persons, sickness of staff, lacks in aid or means of transport are considered explicitly as supremacy.
12.3 RoMaTrade BV preserve themselves in the case of supremacy suspend the right for its obligations and have been also entitled annul the agreement entirely or partially, or to progress that the contents of the agreement are as such modified that implementation remains possible. Under no circumstances RoMaTrade BV is kept only fine or damages to pay.

13. Appropriate right/competent judge

 13.1 to all agreements applies the Dutch right.
13.2 of disputes, from an agreement between RoMaTrade BV resulting and purchaser, who in mutual consultation cannot be solved, takes the competent judge knowledge, unless RoMaTrade prefer to for instance the competent judge of the place of residence of the purchaser the dispute to submit, and with exception of those disputes which belong to the competence of the cantonal judge.